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17 Proven Ways to improve online Sales Leads and conversion for local business

Claim your business listing
There are many business listing sites, if you are located in US, then you cannot miss Yelp. These business listing sites do help users to find the related business near to their location. Don’t ever miss a chance. I have compiled a nice list of sites which you need to be part of.
Locu Places
Merchant Circle
Judy’s Book

Be active on popular social media sites
Be active in 3 or 4 major active social media sites, don’t over do it, but never miss this huge traffic source. Don’t ever try to spam but be creative to tap the traffic. There are 30 creative ways to continue your discussions in social media without boring your readers.

Be mobile ready
It is high time to check whether your website is mobile friendly. Most of the people are now on mobile and connected to internet. Having a responsive theme might not always help you. Try to browse your own website to confirm you are able to ge the required information quickly on your mobile. If it is not serving the purpose, try to get a simple mobile version of your website.

Use google alerts
Use Google alert feature to get notified about your brand mentions on internet. If your brand is mentioned anywhere , take time to read it and address it accordingly. There might be a irritated customer somewhere barking about your brand.

Measure traffic and conversion
Do you know many people are visiting your website , and what they do after they leave your website. Do you have any control on leaving customers? It is time to track , measure and bring them back and convert them to your clients. This is a big missing piece.

Attractive title tags
Is your website onpage optimized ? Check your title tags of every pages. Does this have your keywords ? if not please work on it, If done correctly it would gives some free traffic to your website.

Keep landing page relevant to your audience
Landing pages are the key if you are being paid traffic. If you are spending money on paid traffic and your landing pages is not optimized for each campaigns you are wasting your money. Have different landing pages for different campaigns, make sure landing page si relevant to your target audience.

Collect customer reviews and publish
If you are good in what you provide, definitely you will have good reviews, are you putting efforts to collect those good reviews and publish in relevant sites. With increase in internet usage, people make their buying decisions based on reviews.

Encourage customers to post reviews
As mentioned above, encourage customers to post reviews.

Plug your traffic leaks
Do you know how many people visit your website and what they do on your website and what they do after they leave your website. It is time to bring them back to your website again. It is proven that purchases are made only after multiple visits.

Stress more on email marketing
Collect the email address of your website visitors , encourage them to visit again. Give them something valuable. Email marketing is not about spamming, but building relationship.

Free Give-away and contests
Free Give-away and contests are nice ways to keep engaged with your customers. Do them occasionally. These are also nice way to collect email and follow up with them later.

Cleanse your email list periodically
If you are already collecting emails and doing email marketing, cleansing your email list occasionally is a great idea. It help you to control the cost and improve efficiency. Check for hard bounced emails, emails which are never opened in last 10 campaigns.

Audit your marketing Activities
Auditing your marketing activities gives you a good outlook on ROI and if required revisit the strategies. Spend some budget on trying new marketing methods. Some of the old and effective marketing might not be having that great returns or even having a negative ROI. Have a look at them periodically.

Display methods to contact and map prominently
On your website make sure that your contact details are mentioned prominently and correctly. If you are not making use of google maps, start using it right now.

Build more citations and Business listings
As I mentioned initially, along with claiming business listing, keep building more citation and business listing. Be careful to be consistent with your NAP – name address phone numbers while building citation and business listing.

Start a Blog
If you haven’t started a blog attached to your business website, please plan to do it, As you start providing useful content , your authority keep increasing and trust get more stronger. With newly generated content , you get opportunities to reach more readers.



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