6 great topics for email marketing

6 great topics for email marketing

Email marketing is one of the under-used method of marketing. People spend more money to drive traffic using different methods, but not really getting best ROI by not converting those visitors. Getting back to business, if you are already into email marketing, then what to email would be a big question. Here are the few tips on what to email without being spammy.

Newsletter emails

Newsletter emails are one of the most common emails which everyone send out. But be aware that your newsletter should be aimed at informing about your company and products, it should also build awareness about your product and industry. Brand building should be your primary aim with it. You should also try to include information which is useful for your readers.Including your contact information will increase the authenticity. If you plan to send newsletters, then be consistent with your timing.

Welcome email

This is a no-brainer, once you drive your website visitor thru your funnel, it is important to send a welcome email and set the stage right. Introduce you and your company and make your reader feel comfortable. If you have offered anything in your funnel, deliver it. Provide them any offers or discounts if you have any.

Industry news

If you are getting any breaking news or trending industry news, feel free to share with your readers. Be creative and try to send your offers in a non spammy way.

Re marketing emails

These kind of emails require more efforts and your emails should be segmented. If you maintain your buyer list, then you can suggest new products or related products based on their earlier purchases. You can even recommend products based on recent search or any other action on the website.

Educational emails

Educational emails are a bit different than industry news emails. These emails would be a bit more generic and relaxed. If you find some good information which would be useful for the readers, then send them in this category. Be very careful while you send these emails as there is a very thin line of spam. Be very sure than you are not sending pushy emails or even don’t bother to offer or promote anything in these emails. These emails should be targeting towards building relation with your readers.

Promotional emails

These emails are pure promotional emails where you run a huge discount sale etc. Make sure that there is a genuine reason to send such emails. Most of the un-subscription happens with these emails. Take a balanced approach. While you send your offers or discounts, make sure that you are making your offers very clear and call for action should be very prominent. Make it time bound. Keep it short.


Milestone announcements such as anniversary of your business , upcoming events which your business is participating , Product launch, pre sale announcement are few such announcements you can send to your email subscribers.

Seasonal greetings

These are something you should never miss. Send seasonal greetings , birthday wishes etc which help to stay connected with your email subscribers.

Funny Quotes and cartoons

It doesn’t hurt to send occasional funny quotes and cartoons if you are able to create any of them. There are many companies who create Friday cartoons which are related to their industries.


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