Inbound Marketing and Digital Marketing explained

Inbound Marketing and Digital Marketing explained

Let me start with explaining digital marketing as this term was in existence for ages. Digital marketing is marketing your website/product/service in digital world. It could be through PPC, SEO, banner, forum, email , flyers and so on. Mainly digital marketing is about driving traffic from different sources to your website/product/service online. There will be a definite tangible deliverable for a digital marketing campaign. But it might not have a ROI consideration which is considered to be the biggest flaw.
Inbound marketing is way different approach, it help you to reach your destination with precise plan and hence ROI is always considered. Inbound marketing is about defining your objective, planning the execution, being available in frount of your potential customers, converting traffic to leads and then to customers. Inbound marketing talks more about conversion rate & ROI. It is more about how do you handle the incoming traffic and how best we make use of it. It is also about positioning ourselves in front of potential crowd (traffic) and attracting them and converting them to leads and then customers.

Recap of inbound marketing step

Define marketing plan

Define goals and objectives
Identify your customers and source
Identify competitors
Define budget
Define ROI

Optimizing website / online resource

User friendly UI
Onpage SEO
Mobile optimize

Traffic Generation

Social media management
Keyword research
competitor research

Lead Optimization

Landing page optimization
Capture leads
convert leads
Call of Action optimization

Conversion Optimization

A/B testing
Email open rates
Brand awareness
Click thru rates
Increased engagements

Measure & Track

Track efforts vs ROI
Google analytic
Google Webmaster tools
Split tests
Social media mention tracking


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