30 ideas for social media content posting on Facebook and Twitter

30 ideas for social media content posting on Facebook and Twitter

I have been managing Facebook and Twitter pages for many clients for years now and it was always being a pain to come up with some ideas to post regularly without being spammy. Content shouldn’t be boring but it should be engaging. Keeping your fans engaged is the real challenge. Going through these questions will give you plenty of posting ideas.


What projects are you working on?

Where are you going?

Who are you meeting with?

What projects are you working on?

Create Infographics and post it on FB

What have you been doing in your business since the last update you posted?

Share about someone who influenced you in business or as a person.

Have a Customer of the Day or Client of the Day – tell the world how great they are.

Read blogs in your industry and share interesting articles regularly.
Share a news article related to your topic.

Share an inspiring quotation, with or without explanation.You can even create MEME out of it.

Ask your readers what they are working on. [improves interaction]

Share a quick how-to – even the simplest things need explanation and people appreciate that!

Post a photo of your product.

Post a photo of you or a customer using your product.

Post pictures of clients using your services or attending your events.

Post links to your other websites, blogs, or social media profiles.

Review related products or services and make recommendations for your readers which are not competing with you.

Give your readers an opportunity to serve you – ask for help, show them you’re human too!

Share a funny cartoon or picture related to your topic.

Share some Do’s and Don’ts about your product or service.

Post a Question of the Day or Week.

Answer a frequently asked question. Quora is your friend here.

Post some behind-the-scenes photos

Post a link to an old blog post

Wish seasonal greetings , even watch-out for other country/region holidays.

Pick Fan of the Month and post about him

Hold a flash sale.

Find what your competitors are sharing and do better job.

Share your commercials

Please email me if you have any questions or help needed.


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