Linkophobia and how to deal with it: Small business

Linkophobia and how to deal with it: Small business

Linkophobia and how to deal with it : Small business

In 2010’s we all were crazy about building links and getting our websites ranked for desired keywords, as time passed and google introduced new algorithms , people develop Linkophobia aka fear of building links as many started getting notice on their google webmaster account known as “unnatural link notice”. As we all know it was a scary tactics which was very successful and search engines were able to put a control on link building and thus manipulating SERPS.

In many of these google + hangouts , it was asked whether google devalue links , but the vague answer was “We do use links as a part of our algorithms, but we use lots and lots of other factors, as well,” Mueller said during a Google+ hangout a few months back. So only focusing on links is probably going to cause more problems for your website than it actually helps.” .

Let us get into the actual problem faced by small business owners. Due to all these developments , it is quite natural to have Linkophobia , because they value their websites and don’t want to risk it. On the other hand do you want to miss the big opportunity of ranking your keywords and getting high converting traffic to your website ? We are ready with a super economical package where we build a traffic magnet website and do all the onpage and offpage SEO for that website. So that you can benefit the traffic , get new clients still don’t risk your existing website. I am also listing the key features of the new traffic magnet website we are creating for you.

– Website will be owned by you
– Price is all inclusive of registration and hosting
– We will take care of Onpage and Offpage factors
– Website will contain clear ” CALL for Action ”
– Website will contain your Physical Address – NAP
– website will contain Contact form on all pages
– Website will contain Product/Service listing
– Website will be conversion Optimized
– Website will be using Premium offline business theme
– Website will have analytic for tracking

To summarize , this is a complete hands free solution for your business, we build a conversion optimized website and we rank the keywords for you for an unbelievable price. Over to you to take action.


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