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Tips for finding Powerful Expired domain for ranking keywords

This guide will help you to filter expired domains and weed out spamy ones from your scraped list of domains. How to scrape and find expired domains is a different topic and it is covered in our earlier sessions. Once you have your list of expired domains, you need to check the following in same order and filter out the bad ones.

You may need aherf account , Moz api and Majestic account for this purpose. If you are not aware of the terms here is a quick explanation of those.

TF = Trust Flow (Majestic)
CF = Citation Flow (Majestic)
DA = Domain Authority (Moz)
PA = Page Authority (Moz)
TR = Trust Ratio = TF/CF (microsoft excel)
Referring domain = Number domains links to your target URL (Ahrefs)

You may need to create an Excel sheet with a formula to have your TR , We are only considering domains with values above

TF less than 15
Filter out domains which has TF value less than 15.

DA less than 20
Filter out domains which has DA value less than 20.

TF/CF (TR) less than .80
Filter out domains with TR Value less than .80 , practically those domains with less than that value might be spammy or not enough power.

Referring domain less than 70 and greater than 15
Now it is time to go to ahrefs and find domains with referring domains between 15 and 70 , it it is less in number , the power is less, if it is more in number then it might be spamy.
Last but not least , go to and look at the domain yourself and make sure it was not part of any link scheme or bad keywords like Porn, gambling etc.


Gold Matrix at a glance

  • TF more than 15
  • DA more than 20
  • TF/CF (TR) more than .80
  • Referring domain less than 70 and greater than 15
  • Ahrefs top pages less than 20 pages
  • Anchor text more generic and domain links
  • Go to and check the domains manually to see if it belongs to any link network earlier


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